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A private California based medical device company developing a novel minimally invasive therapy to improve labor and delivery


Infant delivery is the leading reason for US hospital admissions and most commonly performed inhospital procedure

Functional Dystocia IS a major health & economic issue

Despite medical regimen, 1 in 5 women suffer significantly prolonged labor durations during delivery due to functional dystocia – the failure of labor to progress due to inadequate or ineffective labor contractions. 

Functional dystocia increases physiologic stress, pain and delivery risks, labor course unpredictability and both obstetrician and hospital burden. It’s the #1 reason for an unplanned C-section with continually climbing rates due to diabetes, BMI, delayed childbearing, and epidural anesthetics, negatively affecting

Mother and Infant

Health, Physiologic Stress, Risks, Outcomes


Quality of Care. Predictability. Schedule, Efficiency


24/7 Facility & Staff Burden

Our Solution

Our patented Intrauterine Labor Enhancement System (ILES) is a minimally invasive catheter delivered medical device therapy for safely increasing the mechanical effectiveness of each and every labor contraction. The system is designed to promote the physiologic changes required for successful delivery, reduce labor durations, manage risks leading to invasive surgical intervention, while preserving the natural physical maternal-infant concordant relationship throughout labor and delivery.

ILES integrates into US hospital practices with a familiar procedure and form factor comparable to low risk intrauterine catheters in routine clinical use today.

ILES is not approved for sale in the US

About us

Our team has developed and globally commercialized multiple successful minimally invasive therapies. 

Our collective accomplishments include 10 First in Human Studies, over 50 new products or therapies, and 80+ patents.

Ed Chinchoy Ph.D.


20+ years Class II/III medical device experience.

Overall leadership developing and commercializing novel minimally invasive therapies, and/or implantable systems.

Executive and management positions in both start ups and Fortune 200 companies at VisCardia, Medtronic and Abbott (St Jude Medical)  in global upstream marketing, product planning and product management, and strategy.

Jim Kelly

Program Management, OPERATIONS

30+ years Class II/III medical device experience

 General management of global R&D, operations and manufacturing for minimally invasive catheter and balloon therapy delivery systems. 

 Business unit and product development leadership at Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Ativa Medical.

Therri Ruffin

Market Access & Finance

30+ years Class II/III medical device marketing experience.

Market access and conversion from invasive surgical procedures to minimally invasive interventions. 

Marketing leadership and management positions at NuVasive, St Jude Medical, Smith and Nephew in market development, brand management and global product launch

Jay Snell

Clinical Engineering, DEVELOPMENT

30+ years in Class II/III medical device development.

 Product design and development, clinical research, field and system engineering for wholly novel life-supporting and/or life-sustaining technologies. 

Multiple core team roles at St Jude Medical, Ventritex, BIOTRONIK, RS Medical, Siemens, EP Systems and VisCardia.


[email protected]


5250 Lankershim Blvd Los Angeles, CA. 91601